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Welcome to ReComPR

"The law of diminishing marginal utility holds true for communications too: at a certain point, higher and higher expenses yield fewer and fewer positive outcomes," explains Michael Tost, CEO of ABC/Eurocom. Because nothing is more important to us than our clients' success, ReComPR gets you to that point. Every time.

Rentschler Communications (founded in 1999) and ReComPR (founded 2008 in addition to Rentschler Communications) are full-service agencies. They are developing communications strategies for companies, associations and brands. Its team of specialists from a range of disciplines works hard to provide you with effective communication that is straight on message. 

With us, a simple request and you get one-stop service. Full agency service. That's something our customers really appreciate. So, what can we do for you?


Public Relations

The opinion-generating media are constantly reporting on our customers. We measure success with qualitative and quantitative media analysis.
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Before recommending expensive marketing activities to our clients, we rack our brains to figure out what their target groups really want.
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We write the ad copy and put together ads for you. Then, we use response elements to measure their effectiveness.
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Customer news (in German)

Reisen auf die einfache Art

Hotelbird etabliert eine neue Art des Unterwegs-Seins

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Kinder auf Zeitreise bei Rittern und Zofen

1.200 Kilometer lange Burgenstraße in Süddeutschland bietet Spaß beim Familienurlaub

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Im Emsland werden Kinderträume wahr

Hier werden Jungs Feuerwehrmänner und Mädchen suchen das Schlossgespenst

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